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An introduction..

This is our first post which admittedly, although overdue, will now provide a host of informative stuff on all things web! You'll have to bear with me if my literacy skills aren't up to par as I'm not an Oxford graduate with a PhD in English Literature, although I do have a BA Honours degree in Architecture. My background as an Architect, although brief, prepared me for the diverse life as a Web Developer and Entrepreneur "ahem!”

During my younger years I dabbled in many different industries including art, antiques, automobiles, electronics and property to name just a few. I then finally settled upon and found my home in the internet business. It was back in 1998 when I registered my very first domain; I went on to sell it just two years later for a very large sum, and from that moment on I was completely and utterly hooked! I quickly began to learn how to code and develop the necessary skills to build websites and a vast and varied portfolio of domain names.

My fascination with the future, tech, and Web in particularly, is unrivalled and it's what continues to drive my ambition and fuel my hunger for more! I started a fledgling domain name business named Dodo Domains in 2001, which in 2003 went on to become what is now known today as 3DWeb, Hooray!

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