About DNS

What is DNS?

Domain Name System (DNS) is a naming system for computers, services, or other resources connected to the internet or a private network. It translates more easily remembered domain names in to numerical IP addresses so that computers and services may be located online, think of it like the phone book for the web.

Why is it important?

Without DNS the internet simply would not function. DNS is what connects your domains and website to the web so that they can be found.

DNS Settings

How to configure your DNS

Is your domain hosted with us? If so Contact Us with the domains and the DNS settings you would like applied, we'll then do this for you.

Is your domain hosted with another web host or registrar? If so contact them for instructions or see Updating Nameservers.

Updating Nameservers

For details on how to update your domains nameservers at your web host or registrar we've provided some links below. If your registrar is not listed here then please consult their website or contact them for instructions.

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