Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Offers to Purchase a Domain

By submitting an offer for a domain through our website, you, ‘the buyer,’ hereby agree to complete payment to us in full within a maximum period of 30 calendar days if we decide to accept your offer. If your initial offer is not accepted and further negotiations lead to a subsequent counter-offer from you, which is, the same applies. This is upon the understanding that the domain will be transferred to you immediately upon receipt of funds to our account by one of the following methods outlined here > Payments

If we accept your offer you will be sent an email from us to confirm this with full payment and transfer details. Please note that once an offer has been placed it cannot be cancelled and any offer entered below the minimum asking price of £299 (GBP) will not be accepted or replied to.

Once an offer is submitted, if accepted, the domain will be reserved for the buyer and no other third party offers will be considered. The domain will then be removed from its parked offer page and placed on our 3DWeb Name Servers ready for transfer to the buyer. More details about the transfer process may be found here > Domain Transfers

Buyer Contact Details

At the time of submitting your offer you agree to provide us with your genuine full name and address together with a valid mobile number. It is very important that these details are authentic as we will use these details for transfer of a domain name to you. All buyer contact details will be used at our discretion for the sole purpose of the domain transaction and will not be used in any other ways, as we respect your privacy.
The new buyer registrant details for the domain will be displayed on the official Nominet Whois domain registry which holds all registrant data for UK registered domains. Our own domain ‘3dweb.co.uk’ is an example of this, you may see how this data looks at the following link > Whois Domain Lookup

Domain Transfer Confirmation

Upon successful completion of a domain transfer to the buyer (the buyer has full control of the domain at their specified web hosting company or registrar, and the buyer's new registrant details are showing correctly on the Nominet Whois), the buyer will provide confirmation by way of a simple email to us that everything is in order.

These terms and conditions are subject to UK Law.

Thank you for taking the time to read our terms and conditions.

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