Buying a domain & the transfer process..


The buyer submits an offer for a domain through our website.


We review the buyer's offer, and if accepted, we send them a 'Sale and Transfer' email with full payment and transfer details.


The buyer makes payment of the total agreed sum to our account.

Domain Transfer

Upon receipt of payment we initiate the domains' transfer to the buyer through Nominet, the UK's domain authority of which we are a registered member.

The buyer will then receive an email from Nominet with a secure link to their website to change the domains' current registrant details to that of their own. The buyer will also have the option of changing what is known as an IPSTAG which each registrar has, as a member of Nominet ours is 3DWEB, but the buyer might want to change this to that of their Web Host or Registrar eg. 123-reg, fasthosts etc. A detailed list of ISP's and their associated tags including ours may be found here > List of ISP's

Please note that during the registrant transfer process if the buyer chooses to leave the domain with us and not move it to their registrar, then prior to or upon expiry of their domain, they agree to pay our Domain Renewal Fees. The buyer is also responsible for payment of the Nominet domain name transfer fee of £12 GBP. This is compulsory for all .UK transfers and will be payable to Nominet upon completing the registrant transfer.

Transfer Confirmation

Once the buyer has processed the Nominet transfer email and added their details, the domains' new registrant data will be published instantly on the Nominet Whois. The buyer can verify that the domain has been successfully registered to them, and has been transferred to their specified registrar, by typing in their domain here - Whois Lookup

If you have any questions please feel free to ask but it's a fairly straight forward process.

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